“I Changed My Mind”

“I Want the Truth!" screamed Tom Cruise in A Few Good MenDo you value the truth? If we as a society and as individuals claim that we value the truth, why is it so difficult to change our minds? Why are we viewed as weak, out of integrity, or wishy-washy if we change our minds? I recently read this article on Persuasion and it reminded me of “stand your ground” which can also be said of maintaining your viewpoint or opinion after you’ve stated your position. For many decisions we make, changing your mind may be seen as admitting to a mistake. Let’s face it, people think you’re wishy-washy if you change your mind. Why not change your mind?

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XBO Quarterly Webinar – Aglie Test Management with Jira and Zephyr

XBO Quarterly Webinar - Aglie Test Management with Jira and Zephyr

Do you have traceability where you can efficiently determine the cause of defects if there was an unclear requirement? Are you sure your test cases cover your requirements? Can you easily execute targeted regression when you’ve updated your software’s functionality? Now with software development teams mostly working from home or in dispersed geographies, supporting effective collaboration between remote workers is critical. In this XBOSoft quarterly webinar, our CEO, Philip Lew, teams up with BDQ’s CEO Chris Bland, to discuss the problems with working remotely, integrating the phases of testing in development in an Agile, and how this can be done using Zephyr, one of the predominant plugins in the Atlassian marketplace for test management.View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more... >

Financial Software Testing – Best Practices

We’ve been working with a financial application that does account reconciliation for several years now. The financial software we test conforms to SAS70 (Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70), so all of the data and workflows are designed according SAS70. Although we aren’t accountants, certainly testing this type of software needs a more careful eye than ordinary UI testing, so I thought I’d share some of the best practices developed by our team over the last few years.

Different Levels of Mobile Testing – XBOSoft Quarterly Webinar with Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Different Levels of Mobile Testing - XBOSoft Quarterly Webinar with Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Mobile testing continues to become more and more important as many organizations not only go toward a mobile-first strategy but mobile-only. But as the number of devices, platforms, 3rd party integrations, and software versions continues to grow, this can be difficult and time-consuming to manage from a QA perspective, since simple solutions still don't come in a box. In this webinar, XBOSoft's special guest speaker, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, presents a model with different levels of mobile testing. The different levels all have their own attributed risk profile and cost level and will be explained and demonstrated with examples. Apart from the multi-level mobile testing model, you will get a checklist with the most important mobile testing issues. If you still have challenges in mobile software testing, bring your issues for a lively interactive session with Jan Jaap, and our moderator, Philip Lew.View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >
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