April 14,2020
XBO Quarterly Webinar – AI-Based Test Automation Without AI

How can you have AI-based test automation but no AI? You can find out in our quarterly webinar with special guest speaker, Jeremy Rößler. What good are 400 additional AI-generated UI tests, if we don’t want to maintain our existing human-created ones? This question lies at the heart of AI-based test generation. Recheck-web addresses this issue elegantly and without any “AI-magic” …

XBO Magazine Interview with Will

Will Chen is a seasoned project manager at XBOSoft and a true QA and testing expert. He’s looking forward to his 13th anniversary with XBOSoft and is a respected “uncle” within the XBO family.XBOSoft Magazine recently sat down with Will to talk about his experiences at XBOSoft and what his thoughts are looking into the future.

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November 20, 2019
XBO Quarterly Webinar – The Pitfalls of QA Metrics and How to Overcome Them

As a tester you have been there, the dreaded go/no-go meeting. You know the product isn’t ready. You thought you were vocal enough. But they want to see the data. But what metrics answer the questions of are we ready to ship? Why is QA the bottleneck? And when will we be ready? Join us for this exciting webinar where the rubber meets the road -- > Metrics!

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October 25, 2019
XBOSoft Announces 2019 STEM Scholarship Winners

We’re pleased to announce that our scholarship committee has selected the winners for our 2019 college scholarship contest! There were many impressive applicants, but the committee has recognized these three as standouts due to their excellence in academics, community support and ability to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their goals. As the overall winner, Elise Winkley will receive $1000, while Travis Grille and Melissa Ramirez will each receive $250 as runner-up to put toward their education.

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