Agile Testing

XBOSoft offers a unique blend of software testing expertise in development methodologies from waterfall to hybrid to Agile. Our depth of hands-on experience in a variety of industries gives us the ability to tailor and optimize Agile to each client’s specific needs.


Agile Approach

With every client requiring a slightly different model dependent on their particular context, our optimized Agile testing processes are based on a few simple principles:

  • People: High quality software starts with high quality people working in an environment that supports their growth and adaptation to Agile.
  • Process: Agile means being agile. Every organization needs to implement their own version of Agile depending on their software, structure, and culture.
  • Product: A working product delivered in short iterations enables feedback and quick adaptation. This is the ultimate key to success.
  • User: Users are king. Deliver and then listen to what they say.

Most importantly, we measure progress from the beginning and work closely with our clients towards:

  • Continuous improvement through the pursuit of technical excellence, optimized and adapting processes, and good design
  • Delivery of working software to their users
  • Satisfied users through speed and quality of delivery

Agile Issues Meet Agile Solutions

We understand issues that can arise in implementing Agile: larger scale Agile projects with globally distributed teams; risk planning and avoidance; management loss of controlling time and budget; flexibility versus planning; and speed of delivery over quality software.

Using a collaborative network-based approach, XBOSoft defines clear, shared goals and objectives across all teams both internally and client-side for improved velocity, quality software, and customer user satisfaction — resulting in stakeholder buy-in for metrics that matter.

Fully transparent updates and reports are shared with a strong focus on immediate feedback, analysis and action. Our metrics provide:

  • Information used to target improvements – minimizing mistakes and rework
  • Purposeful evaluation for actionable takeaways – helping our clients utilize resources effectively
  • Insights for process optimization – predicting possible problems – enabling clients to fix defects immediately rather than later reducing overall costs

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Agile Test Plan 2.0

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